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Mavia Z. Hardiman, RN, MSN, CPON

My Journey

Hey Loves! Let me tell you how iColorCare came to be. For many years I dreamt of creating an avenue for healthcare professionals of color to express themselves freely, network, and uplift each other.  The idea came because it's something I wished I had as a novice registered nurse (RN) trying to find my way through adulthood and the world of healthcare.  As a young black RN I quickly realized black nurses were far and few, and even more so for other races and ethnicities.  I cherished the connection I made with the two, yes two, other black RNs on my unit.  Why did I cherish our conversations?  I cherished the "me too!" and "I thought it was just me!" moments. These awakening moments helped me through tough situations and often left me wondering what if I did not have my colleagues there to mentor and provide wisdom? 

During graduate school, I realized I could make a difference in the diversity in healthcare.  Why wait for someone else to do it?  I also realized that along with increasing diversity, healthcare professionals of color will need support as they are integrated into the healthcare field.    

iColorCare was created for that very reason: to enhance the healthcare industry by encouraging and bringing light to culture diversity and acceptance through experiential events.

iColorCare is a declaration that healthcare professionals of color bring with them diversity of culture, perspective, and experiences. These values are innate and vital. iColorCare is here to keep healthcare professionals of color mindful of and encouraged by this reality.

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